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Aligning Today with Tomorrow through Design

core conscious culture strategy 

Rethinking Foundation & Culture in Changing Times.

A Conscious Core Culture is based on an organization having a strong foundation rooted in the wellbeing of its people and a responsibility towards the environment and future generations. This in turn is reflected in the culture of an organization. Design Veritas designs this deliberate conscious culture by working with organizations to establish a strong foundation that speaks to human potential,   resource efficiency and opportunities, growth and success.







With our Conscious Sustainability Standard, we provide a strategy for designing a culture of saving resources, elevating people, and developing collaborations that promote growth and social good. This Standard helps an organization design, embed and implement sustainability and wellbeing into its culture working towards the various 2030 goals.



the conscious

sustainability standard

understanding our core concept

We are all interconnected.

We believe nature, people, organizations, and business are all interconnected and have an innate rhythm or core that allows them to flourish individually and in turn, together as a whole.


When designing according to this principle,

we use a Whole Systems Thinking Approach 

(how systems and elements are related and how they influence one another within a whole) for all our projects to ensure these relationships are addressed.


 We developed The Conscious Sustainability Standard as a framework approach that ensures every project is human centered, connected and sustainable with the various concepts and innovations. 

We focus on nine vital areas under 

  • circularity

  • human centeredness

  • connectivity 

that integrate climate change, natural resources, waste management;

with wellbeingeducation and creativity;

in a circular, connected and global economy.

With best practices, innovative concepts and solutions, we then strategically develop and design this into customized programs, projects and masterplans.











Conscious Innovation in design & strategy

Transformation requires an awareness of the present issues while determining situations and ideas that need to be rethought for future sustainability. 


Understanding new concepts and innovations are of utmost importance for organizations and businesses to move forward with knowledge and authentic creativity in changing times.

We first offer awareness presentations and innovations workshops to help (re) define your foundation with many players at the table. We feel different perspectives and understanding new concepts are important to move forward towards creating a new culture of sustainability and wellbeing.

Our Programs and Services can be a one time offering for the onset of a project or can be a yearly, by-yearly or quarterly service. This is to ensure the design, programs, and initiatives are current and most relevant with the changing organizational landscape and goals. Intentional designed change and current knowledge and concepts also add to the creativity and productivity of an organization. 

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