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Intentional Design focuses on behaviors, systems and programs that align with specific intentions of a given project or organizational values. 

At Design Veritas, we are intentionally designing the breeding ground for success.

'Every decision has an impact, every action has a reaction, Every thought plants a seed.

We have the power to consciously design the future.

This is the power of design.'

Human centered in its approach, we design an intentional culture of transformational growth to value the human spirit, preserve fundamental resources and inspire innovation for the future of work. We are at the intersection of business and design and use a holistic approach to be relevant today and of value tomorrow.

how can we design for tomorrow without addressing  issues of today?

  • Climate Change & Natural Disasters

  • Declining Natural Resources

  • Waste Inefficiencies, Habits & Behaviors

  • Toxic Environments

  • Water Crisis

  • Global Social Injustices 

  • Increased Diseases & Illnesses 

  • Stressful & Unfulfilled Lives

  • Lack of Productive & Motivated People

  • Wasted Human Potential

  • Substandard Education

  • The Uncharted Digital World & Everyday Wellbeing 


Change is Inevitable.

Transformation is Intentional. 

We help organizations create Intentional Cultures for Transformational Growth where an organization's culture meets the needs of its business success while being environmentally and socially responsible. A culture based on transformational growth will always be successful in an unpredictable and ever changing world.

  • responsible sustainability 

  • wellbeing & happiness 

  • authentic creativity

The Result?

  • business efficiency

  • happy employees

  • visionary leaders

This creates and continues the circle of success for transformational growth, value and impact.

Organizations now become a hub for transformational growth.

We help leaders create the Work Life Paradigm Shift for transformational growth where an organization's culture meets the needs of its people, aligns to its highest vision of success, and creates environments of: 

  • responsible sustainability 

  • wellbeing & happiness 

  • authentic creativity

The Result?

  • business efficiency

  • happy employees

  • visionary leaders

We believe culture change in the corporate world will lead to successful people when they are aware of their work life journey and have the support and resources needed to achieve their full potential. When cultures allow people to thrive, then innovation, growth and success  will follow.

Design Veritas's work is based on the establishing a conscious core foundation significant to transformational growth. With unpredictable and changing times, a conscious core for any organization and business will be the guiding force amidst change while keeping its people: employees, clients and customers engaged and loyal. Purpose, meaning and values are key for establishing culture now. 


A Conscious Core Culture is based on an organization having a strong foundation rooted in the wellbeing of its people and a responsibility towards the environment and future generations. This in turn is reflected in the culture of an organization. Design Veritas designs this intentional conscious culture by working with organizations to establish a strong foundation that speaks to human potential,   resource efficiency and opportunities, growth and success.









the conscious
sustainability standard

With our Conscious Sustainability Standard, we provide a strategy for designing a culture of saving resources, elevating people, and developing collaborations that promote growth and social good. This Standard helps an organization design, embed and implement sustainability and wellbeing into its culture working towards the various Sustainability goals. (2030,2050, SDG's)

understanding our core concept

We are all interconnected.

We believe nature, people, organizations, and business are all interconnected and have an innate rhythm or core that allows them to flourish individually and in turn, together as a whole.


When designing according to this principle,

we use a Whole Systems Thinking Approach 

(how systems and elements are related and how they influence one another within a whole) for all our projects to ensure these relationships are addressed.






We developed The Conscious Sustainability Standard as a framework approach that ensures every project is human centered, connected and sustainable with the various concepts and innovations. 

We focus on nine vital areas under 

  • circularity

  • human centeredness

  • connectivity 

that integrate climate change, natural resources, waste management;

with wellbeingeducation and creativity;

in a circular, connected and global economy.

With best practices, innovative concepts and solutions, we then strategically develop and design this into customized programs, projects and masterplans.


Without plentiful resources and well people, what good is design?


We help transform a core foundation, master plans, designed spaces, projects, products and programs for a sustainable, well and innovative future. We inspire and align organizations, businesses and societies towards a new conscious framework and mindset.

Design Veritas's The Conscious Sustainability Standard is the guiding framework for the design process that ensures we are designing for an interconnected world. This is a researched based approach that focuses on human centered growth, sustainability and the connectivity of our modern world. 


We use The Conscious Sustainability Standard with our core foundation strategy consulting, our Everyday Sustainable Environments Program, and our offerings for Social and Sustainable Innovation. 

human centered growth + sustainability + connectivity

the conscious sustainability standard

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact profoundly. 

    We have developed a new approach to designing for a conscious culture.

Our Conscious Sustainability Standard is a design strategy framework to elevate people, save resources and create collaborations in an innovative, interconnected and modern world. 


Our Everyday Sustainable Environments Program allows for a comprehensive design approach, from vision to achievement, for maximum sustainable impact. 

Our Workshops  focus on engaging people. We design to have them contribute to the overall sustainability and wellbeing of themselves and an organization for growth and impact.

Our Conscious Design Model is used for interior environments for people who want to lead a conscious lifestyle.  We carefully design spaces to elevate and inspire towards wellbeing and sustainability. 

Our Created Impact Program is a creative empowerment program that provides awareness, opportunities, resources and a new 21st century skillset. This program is for individuals, the next generation, and underprivileged communities to thrive and create impact. Ideal for employee and team building development; educational institutions; and non-profits.

We help transform today for a thriving tomorrow.

We envision a future where design decisions for projects, programs, spaces and organizations are based on:

POTENTIAL Harnessing and celebrating the creativity and growth of our people for the betterment of the organization, our society and future.

Promoting and organizing 'purpose' at an individual and organizational level to contribute to the greater good & the guiding vision of an organization. Designing and planning for these opportunities within an organization creates an empathetic and human centered culture.

WELLBEING The prosperity of our people where we design for optimum body, mind, emotional and creative energy for people to flourish. This is the foundation for the inner aspirations (potential and purpose) to then drive the external aspirations (responsibility and sustainability) to lead business and society to flourish, thrive and succeed. 

Knowing we are responsible for the use and lifecycle of our resources, the wellbeing of our collective fellow inhabitants and the direction of our future generations. 

The sustainable future of our people, the interconnected significance of our planet and the need of our vital resources.





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