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Wellbeing AUDIT
3 Weeks 

Receive your comprehensive wellbeing report- your first step to creating your culture of wellbeing. Your intentional culture - redesigned- is your advantage to attract and retain talent, enrich your employees and inspire transformational growth in your organization. 

The Design Veritas Wellbeing Audit is a rapid, insightful analysis of the true drivers of employee experience, conducted directly with your staff over 3 weeks.


It includes:

▫️An online survey assessing stress, work-life balance, organizational relationships and more

▫️Candid focus groups with employees across roles identifying enablers and barriers

▫️Review of policies, programs and HR practices



→ Design Veritas Wellbeing Insights Report

  • Summary of survey themes

  • Focus group revelations

  • Gap analysis on current structures

  • Data-driven recommendations

  • Ideas directly from employees

→ Interactive Results Presentation

  • Findings orientation to leadership

  • Facilitated priority and goal setting


  • Validated risk areas demanding attention

  • Tailored opportunities to strengthen support

  • Actionable first steps grounded in the employee voice

  • Leadership alignment on key wellbeing goals

Let Design Veritas reveal what's really impacting staff performance, retention and satisfaction. Schedule your consultation today.

Design Veritas will be comprising a Wellbeing Audit Report highlighting 10 success stories coming out in March 2024. Secure your spot before Dec 2023 to be featured in this report. Your culture of wellbeing becomes your advantage in 2024. 

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