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Conscious Home is the designed interior environment that speaks to 21st century living that is modern yet provides a sense of health, mindfulness and simplicity that millennials, families, and baby boomers can aspire to. 

We design for change - upgrading to downsizing - to ensure sustainable practices, mindful living and empowering choices for the wellbeing of ourselves and our families.

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new beginnings 





new beginnings 

becoming a conscious home:




Treat your HOME to an 'emotional redesign' after any big life changes. This offer specializes in an emotional overhaul of one's home or workspace at 'times of transition.'   Introducing self awareness as a key component, with spiritual and therapeutic elements included for one's wellbeing, we create a supportive and conscious environment physically, emotionally and mentally that can influence positive change towards a new mindset and outlook for a new beginning. In a time of transition when one wants to bring real, tangible change in their lives, we create an environment conducive to the person they want to be in the future, while carefully preserving the past and designing for living in the 'now'. Decluttering is an emotional release helping one refocus the mind. Redesigning is a clean slate for moving forward and creating a conscious environment for everyday living. We create spaces that bring simplicity, empowerment, mindfulness, creativity and wellbeing into living well in today's changing times.

BECOMING A CONSCIOUS HOME is key to modern living in today's times. The Conscious Home is stress free, healthy, non-toxic, cost and resource efficient. It is meaningful and simple and one that promotes your vision for yourself and your family. A Conscious Home is free of clutter, redesigned to use what you have and only add when needed. It is responsible: aware of your footprint and wasteful habits. It  is intuitive to what you need with the fine balance of technology and wellbeing. It is inspiring and uplifting. Becoming a conscious home is a reflection of becoming a conscious person and family with intentional living towards wellbeing, responsibility and creating a well lived life.



BECOMING CONSCIOUS: Spring is a time to move forward, declutter, simplify and create a home for a life of wellbeing, resourcefulness and fulfillment.              

20% off April Sale

1 day Deep Cleanse Packages include:

4 hr in home consult 

  •    Assessment of Lifestyle & family goals 

  •    Audit - walk thru of existing

  •    Declutter

  •    Redesign of Spaces

                 Lifestyle goals & home alignment design

  •    Summary

                Non-toxic materials/products summary

                Summary of recommendations for spaces &                                   wellbeing

                Products/pieces recommendations - if needed

                Stress free living & organization recommendations

                Summary of simplified living

                The Conscious Design Model & conscious living                           designed elements & vignettes.

$ 1200.00 sale price for any offer

($1500 original price)

our home...creating impact

The Home Environment is integral to family life. The home environment is important for the wellbeing, health, security and growth of an individual. What we surround ourselves with affects and shapes us. It is important that we are aware of all that we bring into our environment. How we set up home, the memories we make, and the habits we establish will effect those who come inside. More importantly, they impact our children on how they will live their lives. How we show them simplicity, resourcefulness, efficiency will help them become responsible. How we show them solitude, creativity and connections will help them thrive in an ever-changing future. How we set up home creates not only a physical and aesthetic impact on our lives, but a psychological one that is the back drop to a life well lived with meaning and positive impact.

Simplify your home for a life well lived.

21st century living: well, modern & sustainable


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