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We Design Modern Culture

for people to thrive so businesses can thrive. 

consulting & training

We help organizations and businesses modernize culture for people growth and resource efficiency.

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We advocate for cultural transformation prioritizing wellbeing, sustainability, climate action and equity.

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We provide a forward-thinking design process, philosophy and mindset rooted in analysis, human-centered insights, and a keen awareness of contemporary opportunities and their impact.

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We design modern culture at the intersection of people, business and innovation for organizations to be relevant today and thrive tomorrow.

Design Veritas is a culture change innovation and strategy design consulting firm helping clients modernize their cultures for optimal growth by leveraging people wellbeing and sustainable efficiency while addressing current challenges shaping the future of work and innovation.

What we do:

According to a Deloitte Insights 2024 Global Human Trends Report, when people thrive, businesses thrive. Organizations that focus on promoting human sustainability as a key business goal, and recognize the connection between essential human needs like climate sustainability, equity, trust, well-being, and purpose will thrive. We help organizations and leaders develop conscious goals that prioritize, measure, and improve outcomes for people and sustainable resources, challenging traditional business approaches. Through partnerships, we create positive results for businesses, employees, and communities.

Helping Visionary Leaders Redesign Culture
to Create the Future of Work, Life and Joy.


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It is time for visionary leaders, conscious business and happy people.

It is the time for work to inspire a unified vision,

ignite untapped talent and achieve authentic growth.

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Projects for 

DESIGN STUDIO Intensives redefine & redesign projects for a circular, sustainable and well future with purpose, meaning and impact at its core. 

Designers Looking at the Computer
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deconstruct ideas.

develop awareness.

design innovation.

a new design process for projects of impact.

In this Design Studio intensive, we guide teams to develop and create projects that are innovative, human centered and relevant. With circularity, sustainability, innovation and wellbeing at its core, we help projects have a social and conscious impact.  By drawing upon the principles of Design Veritas's philosophy and The Conscious Sustainability Standard, participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to redefine projects, initiatives and programs for relevance today and success tomorrow.   We help teams create projects that not only meet the needs of the present but also drive positive change for a sustainable and meaningful future. It's an opportunity to capitalize on the desire for a innovative approach, and a new way of thinking. In today's world, change is imperative, and to attract and engage talent, it is essential to embrace this shift.


We help you lead the way for a circular, sustainable and well future. 

culture design program

Office inspiration
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Redefine Your Organization.

Intentional Culture Design

So your organization can thrive today and tomorrow. 


redefine needs.

redefine priorities.

redefine work.

redefine wellbeing.

redefine vision.

redesign your culture to create your future.

In today's complex landscape, gaining an edge requires redefining your vision and aligning your entire organization around a conscious core. Our Intentional Design Program empowers you to build a thriving culture that attracts top talent, fuels innovation, and actualizes your purpose. By prioritizing employee wellbeing, sustainability, and innovation, we help you redefine work and lead your company into a successful, responsible future. When your organization is united by a shared vision and empowered to do their best work with meaning, your organization gains the agility and motivation to deliver exceptional results. Join the paradigm shift in work culture and the whole self - work life paradigm shift. Invest in redefining your vision and aligning your people, processes and physical spaces. With our expertise, you can lead the way for a circular, sustainable and well future creating an innovative, inspired organization positioned for sustainable growth.

What Clients Say

"An innovative strategist who brings many perspectives to table, Navneet inspired us with her vision and approach to transformational growth.

let's start this journey together.

I work with:

CEO's & Senior Executives

  • Leaders charged with systemic culture innovation (top down and bottom up)

  • Entrepreneurs driven by social impact.

  • Organizations looking to establish first time ESG goals and conscious core vision. 

HR Departments


  •  We provide wellbeing, potential and purpose programs to create a conscious culture 

  • We provide leadership training to inspire & ignite talent 



  • High Schools, Prep Schools  

  • College Prep & Guidance Counselors 

  • Colleges & Universities

Design Industry

  • Architecture, Design and Engineering Firms looking to accelerate their advantage and provide culture design services to innovative businesses and organizations addressing  ESG'S, and sustainable & just practices.

About Me

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I founded Design Veritas to design for the human journey. I wanted to challenge what limits human potential and our abundant resources. My work in the area of culture change and social impact is human centered. It has addressed disadvantaged neighborhoods, sustainability, designing for diversity and inclusivity and working with the next generation. Today, I am helping organizations and businesses design for the future of work. Using my Design Veritas philosophy, I help visionary leaders establish a new definition of work aligned to a new core vision.  Designing culture to celebrate the journey of life by providing enrichment, purpose and meaning, while being relevant and forward moving is my purpose. Life is too short to not live to our fullest potential, be happy and be well.

Design is integral to organization and business success. 

Our programs focus on the intersection of business and design and embed conscious business practices to help redefine the future of work, modernize traditional organizations and design intentional cultures and environments for organizations. 




Today, organizations need a purpose with relevant core values to attract and retain talent, customers and clients. Design Veritas's Conscious Core Foundation is an approach that helps organizations:

  • Rethink, redefine and redesign the culture and future of work.

  • Rethink society, redesign the current culture of burn out and stress, reimagine innovation and impact.

  • Redefine work and have a strong vision that unifies people towards fulfilling and meaningful work. 



Igniting untapped talent is an organization's answer to saving costs on retention programs, turnover and uninspired employees. Sick days, increased stress, burn out and unhappy employees are on the rise. A bold new way to work today is designing an organization that is a community of growth where people can bring their best self forward with Design Veritas's Work Life Paradigm Shift.


Organization's that address the most basic fundamental needs of its people, provide a community of resources, programs, and spaces to inspire and elevate its people will ultimately ignite untapped talent to the benefit of its individuals, teams, and the overall organization.




To achieve authentic growth in today's climate, we understand our growth and success depend on being interconnected and interdependent with the world around us.

  • For resources to be abundant, our supply chain will abundant. 

  • For people to be well and innovative, our organizations will move forward.  


Designing organizations and businesses as a community of growth with Design Veritas's ConsciousSustainability Standard ensures they are at the cutting edge of sustainability, modern technology, business and human potential.


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