a time to

go within

The Art of Conscious Living Gallery: 

a time to reflect and an opportunity to give. 



creative studio

fine art studio

We use creativity as a part of the designed environment to bring awareness, wellbeing and innovation into the forefront for people engagement & future empowerment.

Art can evoke emotions and contemplation within the human spirit. It adds significant importance for creativity and enrichment in designed environments. 

Innovation, Wellbeing & Creativity;

The 21st Century Creative Process

Integrated Awareness Design

We use the designed environment as an educational opportunity towards awareness, sustainability and wellbeing.

The Visual Walls

A part of the Everyday Environments Program, we design the culture wall and the achievement wall. 

Coming Soon.

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Everyday Sustainable Environments

Strategy & Masterplan Consulting

Created Impact & The Next Generation


Studio & The Visual Walls

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