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 conscious impact design

designing culture for a sustainable future 

White Room

   designing a new conscious culture 

Design is not just what it looks and feels like.
Design is how it works.  

Steve Jobs

1.Defining a conscious core and aligning it with:

  • the designed environment    

  • programs and 

  • people. 

Our environments consciously and unconsciously influence us. We help align a conscious core of purpose, wellbeing, innovation and sustainability through all aspects of design so the sustainability message is weaved into the fabric of a project.

2.Designing for effortless sustainability & wellbeing: 

We use behavioral design to create sustainable and well habits and efficient flows for cost and resource efficiency by interconnecting designed spaces, graphics, and programs.

3.Creating opportunities for growth and social good: 

Human and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. We believe we are all interconnected so we find opportunities and collaborations that fuel growth, purpose and help organizations consciously contribute to a greater good for corporate responsibility, employee wellbeing and a sustainable future. 

4.Empowering individuals with awareness:

We feel people will do better when they know better. We provide awareness for social and environmental  issues. We also provide a new creative process for better decision making, innovating new ideas, and creating a ripple effect to lead and influence others for a collective sustainable future.

understanding our distinct services


  • for a new generation of employees, customers and consumers: millennial and Generation Z

  • in a fourth industrial revolution

  • with a climate crisis and limited resources

  • in a globally connected & digitally forward world

  • with well, creative, healthy and motivated people

designing for today's needs

Strategy Consulting

Aligning Today with Tomorrow through Design


Conscious Culture  

Design Consulting

Aligning Today with Tomorrow through Design

Conscious Sustainability 


Design Program

Workspace | Learning | Healing Environments




Strategy & Design Consulting

Aligning Today with Tomorrow through Design





We are solution providers for 2030 goals, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and for creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

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