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 The Everyday Sustainable Environments Program 

Design for Change.

conscious impact design

The Everyday Sustainable Environments Program's goal is to make becoming and being sustainable accessible to all while providing a framework for designing accelerated solutions towards a carbon free, resource abundant and well future. This program helps organizations and businesses develop a culture of sustainability through design, innovation and community.


This program is based on establishing a core vision of sustainability, meeting organizations where they are, while strategizing and developing a masterplan for present and future initiatives and goals.  We align and integrate sustainable business practices and programs using behavioral and environmental psychology in the design process and designed environment. This creates a culture of sustainability that motivates, engages and provides opportunities for all- stakeholders, shareholders, employees, customers and clients, to be a part of the climate change and social justice solution. We use the design process and innovation as a means of ensuring sustainability is integrated and embedded into an organization's or business's core culture.


We value and celebrate nature, people, innovation, and achievement and plan for a circular model of design to carry the message of sustainability in ever changing times.


drives the sustainability masterplan

moves the organization forward



accountability and celebrating achievement reinforce the vision for greater success and continues the need for growth and development.

in communities to create positive change - moves the world forward


embeds the masterplan & its goals into the designed environment


the backbone of success - when they are well, aware and passionate, people make good things happen


Design Veritas | The Everyday Sustainable Environments Program

Girls in School Uniform

An opportunity for

wellbeing &  sustainability

learning in the designed 

environment - a living lab - for the next 


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Organizations & Corporate

Casual Business Meeting

Educational Institutions

An opportunity for significant                      sustainable impact with organizations leading, employees innovating, and clients and customers contributing to a future of overall wellbeing and sustainability.

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Residential & Development

Cozy Living Room

Designing for today's times, we create a culture of simple, healthy and mindful living. We focus on designing conscious environments where people are fully engaged, enriched and empowered. 

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Non-Profits & NGOs

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Helping Organizations that are working for the betterment of society. 

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Strategy & Masterplan Consulting

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