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New York City
Art Gallery
Italian Streets
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Navneet Magon Anand

Navneet Magon Anand
Researcher, Design Strategist, 
Lecturer, Artist & Author

Hi, I'm Navneet or Nav, as my peers and colleagues call me. I believe the life journey is about progress, being uplifted and elevated. We are surrounded by beauty and the many individual experiences that stir our soul. When we overlook this, and get bogged down by the routine of life and societal influences,  we struggle. When we are disconnected from our true selves, from purpose, contributing to something larger than ourselves, and from meaningful experiences and relationships, we miss out on the true meaning of the journey of life. 

As a designer, author and artist, I believe we can surround ourselves by the beauty and experiences that stir our soul. As a strategist and businessperson, I believe we navigate from a core foundation that weathers the ups and down and plans for the cycles of life. I am fascinated by the intersection of innovation, business and design. As an adjunct faculty working with the next generation, I believe we must provide them the opportunities and resources to create a well and sustainable future. As a fellow human being on this journey of life, I believe we are all looking for happiness and this one life is the opportunity to achieve it. So I help deconstruct systems, question the status quo and dive deep to find authenticity in organizations, businesses so that individuals can strive towards full potential in the name of progress and success. We are here not to survive. We are here to thrive. It is time we become aware of the potential, redefine ourselves so we can plan for a meaningful life and design for a meaningful future of work. 


  • Adjunct Faculty, Design Studio WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

  • Arc​hitectural Engineering - Civil Engineering Department

  • Designer in Residence - Masters in Science and Technology for Innovation in Global Development -  Social Sciences and Policy Studies Department

  • Master's in Business Administration in Sustainability and Green Building.

  • Past President of the American Institute of Architects- Central Massachusetts Chapter - Board Member and currently Chair of the Sustainability Committee.

  • Graduate of McGill University's School of Architecture, Montreal, CAN

  • A speaker on the TEDx platform in 2016 with the talk titled: 'We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture.'

  • Created Impact, Founder. A mission based arm of Design Veritas promoting a new approach to creative thinking while empowering solutions through creativity for a better future and world.

  • Developed The Conscious Design Model, a conscious methodology to designing spaces for full human potential, wellness and sustainability into designed environments.​​

  • Developed The Conscious Sustainability Standard, a future forward, innovative approach for designing products, programs, masterplans and environments.

  • Developed Everyday Sustainable Environments, a design program for an overall sustainability culture within an organization. 

  • Author of 'Conscious Art, Design & Inspiration: Creating Change.'

  • Art Collection exhibited in Boston and Toronto

TEDx Platform: We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture 

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.26.29 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 10.51.11 PM.png

Art Exhibit - Conscious Art - Toronto, Canada

Fine Art Exhibit  - "Along the Way' 

Promenade Gallery, Toronto Canada

featuring "The Art of Conscious Living'


Navneet knew at a young age she wanted to be an architect. Having being exposed to the diversity and various cultures of the world; art, design and architecture have always been a part of her soul. She was born in Kenya and moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 3. She spent countless summers in London, England and travelled around North America, meeting people and deepening her spirituality. This shaped her philosophical quest while studying architecture at McGill University. Here, her design approach became one of finding the balance between an enriching world of design and the plight of the human condition. She married and moved to Boston where she worked at prestigious architecture firms. It was here when she realized she would have to forge her own way in architecture for the traditional profession was lacking something she needed to fill. She became LEED certified in its early days, and worked on sustainability in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Her work here led to find that missing link. The human link and designing for people's quest for progress, happiness, and meaning. She started her research for a new approach to design which resulted in sustainability, responsibility, wellbeing, purpose and potential as key elements.


Designing for human and environmental sustainability and wellbeing translated into the need for a new conscious culture. She became a speaker on the TEDx platform with her talk titled, 'We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture.'


The world of design feeds her soul. The energy of the next generation fuels her hope.


The human flight and progress will always be in the forefront of design. Change is inevitable and so must design be and its approach to evolve, to be responsible, relevant, and meaningful. Now, she focuses her work on using design as a catalyst for change. More than ever, the world is starting to see the need for climate action, circularity and responsibility; and the importance of mental wellbeing, meaning and fulfillment. Navneet works with architects and architecture firms to bring this new design process to the forefront, along with businesses and organizations looking to be a part of the wellbeing, circularity and social justice solution. She is a lecturer, artist and author focusing on dialogue, creativity and self awareness as the catalysts for change, progress and meaning. She lives in the outskirts of Boston with her two children, Jeevan and Jia and husband Sonny. 


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