Designing After Covid: Why Wellbeing Matters More Than Ever.

After the many ways this pandemic has impacted lives, one question that will help us rethink a new reality, across the board is, 'How Can We Improve?' One thing that is certain after this pandemic is how fragile humanity really is. The fragility of our environment has always been of concern. Now that concern is coupled with the wellbeing of our people. 2020 is showing us that we have come a long way with technology with medical advancements and global connectivity to help alleviate the effects of the pandemic but it has also taught us the reality of humanity and how little we have evolved. The social and economic divide is still very apparent in 2020 and that is having an effect on the health of people as well the as the health of a nation. 

The previous article in this series spoke of post Covid 19: 3 ideas to move forward with Climate Change being the topic in the first article. Addressing Climate Change is fundamental to continuously have our basics needs with food and shelter met. Our economic and business model depends on the natural resources that are slowly diminishing. The pandemic is wake up call to how the world stops when faced with a global challenge. 

This article centers around the importance of focusing on wellbeing at the core of decision making, an organizations’s foundational core mission and a priority in a community and a society. 

This pandemic itself has had a ripple effect on people's health. It has thrown countries, governments, health care workers, scientists, essentials workers, families and individuals into a frenzy with its physical, psychological and emotional effects not to mention the economical stress, a by-product that may begin a downward spiral in months to come. Prior to the pandemic, studies were showing mental health issues were on the rise with increased suicide rates as an example. With people's lives having turned upside down, how will this affect them now on a wellbeing level? How will this affect the dynamics of families, co-workers, and other relationships? How about the motivation and productivity outcomes?

Take Away: The health and wellbeing of our society is crucial to the global economy. When one element is off balance, the others will follow. There has never been a more clearer example than this pandemic. Humanity is shining through right now: strangers are helping others with the realization that we are all in this together. This is the biggest take away to move forward with. As decision makers, it is time to see people for who they are. Many face emotional struggles; others face physical diseases while everyone is affected one way or another by illness. Decision making now has to value all our people. Our essential workers have proven this and our economic system has to promote this. People are the backbone of any business, organization or society and injustices have to be cleared now. Decision makers and design have to realize the wellbeing of our people is of the utmost of importance. The rat race of our current culture, the 'values' that are being promoted through media and the imbalance of people's lives resulting in constant stress are detrimental to the health and well being of society. When people's fundamental needs are met, only then they can be productive, motivated, happy and successful members of society and the growth of economy. Any decision, design or business idea should be viewed through the lens of, 'How is this helping individuals and society to be well and thrive?' Their wellbeing reflects on an organization or society's wellbeing and ultimate success.



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