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Designing Our Future World

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

We are creators - whether we know it or not, we are creating and designing everyday. We are creating memories, goals, and milestones. We are creating families, businesses and friendships. We are creating in art, music and in our hobbies. When all this is said and done - we have to know that ultimately, we are creating are own lives.

We are creating our environment, our values and our everyday with the decisions and choices we make. Whether we realize it or not, we are creating our future, our children's future and their children's future by our every decisions, choices, and actions. It is time to start creating consciously: to start making decisions consciously so that we may give to our children the bountiful earth, the simple life and the opportunities of advancement to create a better world.

We are at crossroads now - with the global health pandemic, climate change, air pollution, wasteful habits of consumption, instant gratification and convenience overriding responsibility and awareness. Habits need to change to value and consciously make decisions for the betterment of our future for humanitarian and environmental reasons.

Becoming complacent or having a lack of compassion or kindness towards fellow human and sentient beings is one part of the equation. Misusing our earth's abundance for greed is another part and perhaps is part of the current culture we live in. This culture needs to change.

Authenticity, purpose, and empathy lead to a conscious culture where the world understands that we are all interconnected. If one part of that balance is out of place, then we all suffer one way or another. Interconnected... if something breaks, we all break. A new culture is needed we are all in this together and we all win.

This ideal comes from our own selves. When we know we need earth's abundance to survive; human connections to prosper and a healthy relationship of give and take will we begin to understand. When we know that our self worth is intertwined with how we relate to and value the world around us, it is then that we will see be able to give back to the world around us.

Having a strong foundation of ourselves translates to having a strong foundation in life. This in turn results in strong values and beliefs which ultimately shape our everyday habits and decisions.

Having a conscious mindset: of thoroughly being aware of the issues at hand, of knowing that habits and actions will have an effect on someone else or something else will allow us to collectively create a conscious culture that just is. And that this culture is based on the love and value we place on our environment and humanity. For a culture that just IS: where circularity is the norm, no waste is the norm, organizations are responsible with their people, their product, their services and their intent; where nature is abundant, environments are healthy and people are well.

There is hope. Opportunity and passion will move us into this new conscious culture. We can see this with how the world and individuals have come together during this global health pandemic.

There are organizations looking for change. We need the plan, the vision, and the wheels to simply get there. If the intent is there with organizations of influence; if consumers exercise their buying power and individuals make small changes, then we are on the right track to transform culture. Ultimately, transforming into a culture where human and environmental wellbeing is the norm.

We are designing our own future. With a conscious mindset and finding opportunities, we can design the future for our children and their children.

There is no plan B. There is no planet B. Let's do this together.


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