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Will COVID-19 Change Our Current Culture of Excess, Addiction & Instant Gratification?

Covid 19 has brought the world to a stand-still.

This pandemic has made one thing very clear. This virus is an equalizer: it does not discriminate based on age, religion, status, race or beliefs. It is taught us that everyone is important. It has also taught us that the human spirit is resilient and has a profound capacity to love. Now, we see a shift from loving our material possessions to loving each other more.  Just six months ago, we lived in a world in which the cultural norm consisted of living in excess, our devices were the favorite ‘go to’ answer to feed our addictions, and instant gratification and impatience had robbed us of the opportunity to live a balanced and authentic life. No longer are the fancy cars, the designer brands, the luxury goods or how we look important. They mean nothing today.  Today we are indoors, in our pajamas.   Our present culture has been one that has centered on feeding our addictions. These are addictions that are distractions to life, connections, living in the moment and being self-aware. These are addictions of needing to be in control, instantly gratified and seeking fulfillment anywhere but ourselves. We are struggling right now as these addictions have been cut off and causing us pain.  This virus is an intervention to show us that the past culture was not working. This struggle has hit us hard and is affecting our everyday as we know it.  Climate change, social injustices, poverty, world hunger do not disrupt our everyday, therefore those issues carry on. Maybe this intervention will show us how our present culture of excess, addiction and instant gratification is throwing off the balance for humanity and the natural world. Maybe this intervention will help us to change our behaviors to create a new way of living and a new culture in balance with each other and nature. This moment in time is a brilliant lesson and teacher. People’s behaviors and greed are at a standstill, and now the earth is slowly healing. We have seen humanity at its best with love, compassion and empathy at the forefront.  Perhaps it is time to evaluate our business models, our careers and ourselves. Most importantly, perhaps it is time to evaluate how and what we teach our children about life, success and happiness. ~NMA

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