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'Within a Leaf' with poetic verse

'Within a Leaf' with poetic verse


Can be sold in the Trilogy Set - green (Leaf), red (Petal), yellow (Nectar) for $1750


Within a Leaf (green)

Have you ever noticed a leaf?

It is the movement of life within.

The hustle and bustle of nature itself.

Growth and the Cycle- Within there lies an iota of our life. 

Within a Petal (red)

Have you ever noticed a Petal?

Its colors, its textures- far beyond what a microscope can see.

There lies within a beauty untold.

In the Depths of Nature (yellow)

The sweetness of nectar flowing through life.

The flow of sweetness giving us life.

What a beautiful flower center of a flower's life. 

What a beautiful center of our own life. 


From The Art of Conscious Living Collection

Featured original artwork from the Book 'Conscious Art, Design & Inspiration, Creating Change.


    15x30 Acrylic on Canvas


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