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Rethinking Foundation & Culture in Changing Times.

Conscious Innovation in design &  strategy

Transformation requires an awareness of the present issues while determining situations and ideas that need to be rethought for future sustainability. 


Understanding new concepts and innovations are of utmost importance for organizations and businesses to move forward with knowledge and authentic creativity in changing times.

We first offer awareness presentations and innovations workshops to help (re) define your foundation with many players at the table. We feel different perspectives and understanding new concepts are important to move forward towards creating a new culture of sustainability and wellbeing.



Design Veritas helps organizations establish a strong foundation of sustainability and wellbeing. Once defined, we translate this into the designed environment by aligning spaces, programs and people to this new vision, ultimately creating a deliberate and designed culture. This saves resources, elevates people and attracts and retains talent for success, wellbeing and sustainability.                                              

One Simple Program For Designing Everyday Wellbeing & Sustainability 

This program helps integrate sustainable business practices with wellbeing and sustainability practices using behavioral psychology in the design process. 

An opportunity for

wellbeing &  sustainability

learning in the designed 

environment - a living lab - for the next 




Organizations & Corporate

Educational Institutions

An opportunity for significant                      sustainable impact with organizations leading, employees innovating, and clients and customers contributing to a future of overall wellbeing and sustainability.

Residential & Development

Designing for today's times, we create a culture of simple, healthy and mindful living. We focus on designing conscious environments where people are fully engaged, enriched and empowered. 


Non-Profits & NGOs

Organizations that are working for the betterment of society 


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Strategy & Masterplan Consulting

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'The starting point is not design, the starting point is sustainability.'  

Stella McCartney