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Our vision is a global future where we value our environment; have an  abundance of food and natural resources; and where people are well, equal and fulfilled. We envision a future where organizations, societies and individuals leave a legacy of responsibility and innovation for this and future generations to thrive. 


The Design Veritas Advantage

1.Defining a conscious core and aligning it with:

  • the designed environment,

  • programs and

  • people

2. Designing for effortless sustainability                     & wellbeing.

3. Creating opportunities for growth and social         good. 

4. Empowering individuals with awareness for           innovation and conscious decision making.

designing culture for a sustainable future 

social impact design


    We have developed a new approach to designing for a conscious culture.

Our Conscious Sustainability Standard is a design strategy framework to elevate people, save resources and create collaborations in an innovative, interconnected and modern world. 


Our Everyday Sustainable Environments Program allows for a comprehensive design approach, from vision to achievement, for maximum sustainable impact. 

Our Awareness Presentation & Workshops  focus on engaging people. We design to have them contribute to the overall sustainability and wellbeing of themselves and an organization for growth and impact.

Our Conscious Design Model is used for interior environments for people who want to lead a conscious lifestyle.  We carefully design spaces to elevate and inspire towards wellbeing and sustainability. 

Our Created Impact Program is a creative empowerment program that provides awareness, opportunities, resources and a new 21st century skillset. This program is for individuals, the next generation, and underprivileged communities to thrive and create impact. Ideal for employee and team building development; educational institutions; and non-profits.

We help transform today for a sustainable tomorrow.

together, WE CAN create a SUSTAINABLE future OF WELLBEING. 

Strategy & Masterplan Consulting


Design Veritas uses an innovative  approach that works with organizations to empower them to create relevant, innovative cultures. Our workshops provide our clients with the tools to brainstorm, uncover values, and deconstruct old systems to stay relevant in an ever-changing world while designing an elevating culture for employees and a sustainable future for the planet.


Design Veritas provides powerful presentations, speeches and keynotes for transformational growth through design to help businesses develop a unified vision, ignite talent, and aspire towards authentic growth . Our approach is human-centered, ensuring the growth of businesses and organizations are achieved through their people.


Design Veritas  offers a one-stop design journey from vision to achievement: The Everyday Sustainable Environments Program. We offer innovative, tailored design solutions and implementation plans aligned to programs and spaces, as well as empowering wellbeing programs that create a culture and community of growth. Our programs also answer, 'Have LEED, Now What?'  


With Design Veritas, your organization can help define the future of work, incorporate and align ESG's in the organization's vision and establish a culture of growth for organization success.

We  use the Interconnected Model for Design and Business to ensure up to date solutions, sustainable practices and people wellbeing are embedded in your culture.


  • Leaders charged with systemic culture innovation (top down and bottom up)

  •  7 to 8 Figure entrepreneurs driven by social impact.  



  • Using Design Veritas's Whole Self Paradigm, we align employees to the organization vision.

  •  We provide wellbeing, potential and purpose programs to create a conscious culture 

  • We provide leadership training to inspire & ignite talent 


  • Leaders charged with systemic culture innovation 

  • entrepreneurs driven by social impact.  

  • Organizations looking to establish first time ESG goals and conscious core vision .


  • Architecture, Design and Engineering Firms looking to accelerate their advantage and provide culture design services to innovative businesses and organizations addressing  ESG'S, and sustainable & just practices. 

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