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a new message. A new mindset. A new culture. 

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ReDesigning Culture. ReDefining Work. 

visionary leadership:

Organizations can come out ahead by intentionally redesigning themselves in these uncertain times with a new mindset, elevated leadership and a conscious core. Designing culture -  the spaces, programs, and initiatives that create an organization’s energy; elevating leaders who inspire and nurture untapped talent and providing the space to work towards a common goal of personal, professional and organizational growth will help organizations gain an advantage in these uncertain times.

Times are changing which requires us to question what it means to be successful and well today. It requires us to understand the future of work and seek out opportunities beyond traditional models to address today’s challenges. It requires us to define or redefine an organization’s core purpose; a unified vision and align it with its spaces, products, services, and programs. Now, by designing opportunity out of uncertainty, organizations can lead us into a new normal where slowing down and living consciously will be the new foundation at work for growth, success and impact today. 


Featured Presentation

Digital Work Life

Turning uncertainty into opportunity by inspiring a unified vision, igniting untapped talent and achieving authentic growth.

ReDesign Culture. ReDesign Work.

With economic instability, declining mental wellbeing and increasing climate, social and inequality crisis, it is time to ReThink what work, life & happiness mean today.

Design Veritas's philosophy addresses the opportunities found in the the current work and economic climate. In this presentation and workshop, founder Navneet Magon Anand will walk your organization through thinking outside of the box, the importance of awareness and redefining the work life culture. 

Levitating Objects

Establishing Your Culture.

Workshop | Design Studio


Transformation requires an awareness of the present issues while determining situations and ideas that need to be rethought for future sustainability. 

We first offer awareness presentations and innovations workshops to help (re) define your foundation with many players at the table. We feel different perspectives and understanding new concepts are important to move forward towards creating a new culture of sustainability and wellbeing.

Next Generation
Sitting on Cliff

Preparing the Next Generation for The Future of Work

Keynote | Presentation | Workshop | Design Studio

Based on the Work Life Paradigm, it is time to Rethink how our educational systems will prepare the next generation for the future of work. Not only is technology advancing at rapid speed, and the future is unpredictable on many levels, the fact that mental wellbeing is declining and the quality of life and living are in question. We will inspire to you embrace this point as an opportunity to redefine your school culture to prepare students for the future of work. Here is where students create their foundation and it is here where we can prepare them to thrive in a technological future with a human centered base.  


Navneet Magon Anand specializes in meeting with your core group to help rethink and strategize for immediate and long term progress.

From a menu of items, or one that suits you, she is able to elevate your organization or business with a new mindset, new perspectives and an implementation plan to help you design and navigate towards a well and productive future of work.


  • A Conscious Core Culture

  • Wellbeing Design 

  • Inclusive Desgin

  • Have LEED - Now What?

  • Committed to Change

  • What is Your Legacy?

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