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ReDesigning Culture. ReDefining Work. 

visionary leadership:

Organizations can come out ahead by intentionally redesigning themselves in these uncertain times with a new mindset, elevated leadership and a conscious core. Designing culture -  the spaces, programs, and initiatives that create an organization’s energy; elevating leaders who inspire and nurture untapped talent and providing the space to work towards a common goal of personal, professional and organizational growth will help organizations gain an advantage in these uncertain times.

Times are changing which requires us to question what it means to be successful and well today. It requires us to understand the future of work and seek out opportunities beyond traditional models to address today’s challenges. It requires us to define or redefine an organization’s core purpose; a unified vision and align it with its spaces, products, services, and programs. It requires us to prepare today and tomorrow's generations. Now, by designing opportunity out of uncertainty, organizations can lead us into a new normal where slowing down and living consciously will be the new foundation at work for growth, success and impact today. 

Turning uncertainty into opportunity by inspiring a unified vision, igniting untapped talent and achieving authentic growth.


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ReDefine wellbeing.
redefine work. 
ReDesign Culture.

Pioneering the Path to a Thriving Wellbeing Culture.

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Employee wellbeing is no longer a mere checkbox item in HR agendas; it has become a critical determinant of an organization's success. Employees that are mentally and emotionally healthy translate into improved productivity, reduced absenteeism, and enhanced engagement. As organizations navigate through an era of rapid change and uncertainty, prioritizing employee wellbeing is not just a moral obligation but a strategic imperative. 


Design Veritas heralds a new mindset, the work-life journey, focusing on the individual's journey within the organization. It understands that employees are not mere cogs in a machine; they are unique individuals with diverse aspirations and needs. Acknowledging and supporting this diversity, organizations can foster an environment of trust, respect, and empathy and create a profound impact with an intentional culture of wellbeing  that thrives, innovates, and drives the organization towards a prosperous future. 


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ReDefine Work.
ReDesign Culture.

Design Veritas's philosophy addresses the opportunities found in the the current work and economic climate. Founder Navneet Magon Anand will walk your organization through thinking outside of the box, the importance of awareness, wellbeing and redefining the work life culture. With economic instability, declining mental wellbeing and increasing climate, social and inequality crisis, it is time to ReThink what work, life & happiness mean today.


ReDefine Work Redesign Culture


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Establishing Your Culture.

Presentation | Workshop | Design Studio | Consulting

Establishing your Core Culture with 9 principles based on the Design Veritas's research based Conscious Sustainability Standard 

In today's rapidly changing work climate, organizations are faced with unprecedented challenges, ranging from economic instability to societal shifts and environmental concerns. To thrive in this dynamic landscape, it is crucial for organizations to cultivate a work culture that embraces change, resilience, and holistic wellbeing.

In this one-day workshop or 6 week Design Studio based on the 9 Pillars of the Design Veritas Philosophy, we will guide corporate leaders, HR professionals, and employees through an immersive experience focused on navigating change and fostering resilience within the workplace. By drawing upon the principles of Design Veritas's philosophy, participants will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to redefine their work culture and inspire their employees.

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integrating esg into your organization's Culture:

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Designing for Sustainable Success: Redefining Sustainable Business through Circularity, ESG, and Design Veritas is a transformative journey for visionary leaders. Today, sustainability isn't an option; it's a necessity. We empower you to integrate Circular Economy principles, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) values, and the Design Veritas Philosophy into your organizational culture. This isn't just about growth; it's about purposeful, sustainable growth that fosters trust, resilience, and innovation. Join us as we navigate the ever-changing business landscape, aligning your decisions with a future-focused vision of sustainability. Together, we'll lead with purpose, embracing change, and reshaping the future of business—one purpose-driven decision at a time.

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Science and Technology

redesign projects for impact.


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Design Studio Intensives allows organizations and educational institutions to delve deep into projects through a conscious lens of circularity, wellbeing and innovation. We help teams go through a deep analysis by deconstructing concepts, theories and perspectives to help projects become relevant and impactful and help designers achieve an authentic approach to the design process. We use Design Veritas's Conscious Sustainability Standard to design projects and help modernize the design process that will lead us to projects of impact and towards a conscious, well and sustainable future. Join us as we navigate the ever-changing business landscape and shape a thriving future. 

Navneet Magon Anand specializes in meeting with your core group to help rethink, strategize and design  for immediate and long term progress.

From a menu of items, or one that suits you, she is able to elevate your organization or business with a new mindset, new perspectives and an implementation plan to help you design and navigate towards a well and productive future of work.


  • A Conscious Core Culture

  • Wellbeing Design 

  • Inclusive Desgin

  • Have LEED - Now What?

  • Committed to Change

  • What is Your Legacy?

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We envision a culture where

sustainability | responsibility | wellbeing | purpose | potential

are the combined to create the next generation of businesses and organizations.

We envision a culture where we can 

Slow down, tread lightly, design consciously & impact profoundly.

We believe in the Power of Design.

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