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Rainbow Cubes

Elevating the human plight and it's progress. 
This is the power of design. 

DESIGN VERITAS LLC, is a design consultancy and studio advocating for individual, organizational, global wellbeing and sustainability. We use an innovative and conscious approach to design that intersects sustainability, human focus and the modern world of connectivity and technology. Using strategy and behavioral psychology, Design Veritas helps design culture and modern environments that are innovative, responsible and human centered. 

how can we design for tomorrow without addressing  issues of today?

  • Climate Change & Natural Disasters

  • Declining Natural Resources

  • Waste Inefficiencies, Habits & Behaviors

  • Toxic Environments

  • Water Crisis

  • Global Social Injustices 

  • Increased Diseases & Illnesses 

  • Stressful & Unfulfilled Lives

  • Lack of Productive & Motivated People

  • Wasted Human Potential

  • Substandard Education

  • The Uncharted Digital World & Everyday Wellbeing 

Understanding today prepares us for tomorrow.


To elevate individuals, organizations and societies towards an empowered, sustainable and well future through awareness, creativity and design. 


by the design veritas team

we envision a culture of:

  • sustainability 

  • responsibility  

  • wellbeing 

  • purpose and  

  • potential.

We envision a future where design decisions for projects, programs, spaces and organizations are based on:

The sustainable future of our people, the interconnected significance of our planet and the need of our vital resources.

Knowing we are responsible for the use and lifecycle of our resources, the wellbeing of our collective fellow inhabitants and the direction of our future generations. 

The prosperity of our people where we design for optimum body, mind, emotional and creative energy for people to flourish.
Promoting and organizing 'purpose' at an individual and organizational level to contribute to the greater good & the guiding vision of an organization. Designing and planning for these opportunities within an organization creates an empathetic and human centered culture.
Harnessing and celebrating the creativity and growth of our people for the betterment of the organization, our society and future.

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