Mountain Range

Design for Change.



climate change.

social change.

culture change.

A new design approach for a sustainable future.



a new mindset,

a NEW philosophy,

a new design approach,

a new culture.


We believe designing culture for sustainability is an untapped opportunity. 

Any organization, business, product or project design has a culture attached to it that influences people: as consumers, employees, clients or end users. Culture speaks to values, goals, growth and the human experience. It is the vehicle for transformation, the bridge between design and people.



Design Veritas brings a new thought process of sustainability with its design philosophy and framework to move forward towards a sustainable future.


We have the opportunity to design a global culture of sustainability and wellbeing through every design, every decision and every project. Without an intentional and designed culture of sustainability, organizations and people will waste money, waste human potential and miss opportunities for achievement, growth and success.



We believe:

Transforming our current thought process towards a culture of sustainability starts with a new mindset, a new approach and design- your design.


We believe everything is designed: every project, product, service, business or organization is a product of design.  And through design, we can transform and lead towards a sustainable future.


To transform our current culture moving forward, design with a conscious core will be sustainable, well & equitable. Sustainability, simplified, will help accelerate towards a sustainable future. Innovation will stem from awareness, lead us back to nature and will be authentic, interconnected and responsible.


We need a new design process: one with a new mindset that offers different perspectives, deconstructs past paradigms, values human and environmental wellbeing and provides opportunities and resources for change. 

Design Veritas provides this platform and framework for accelerated change with design, innovation and collaborationsso that we can move together towards a well and sustainable future, one design at a time.




  • ​be a part of the climate solution

  • create a culture of wellbeing

  • leave a positive legacy for future generations

  • save resources & be cost effective 

  • cater to a socially & environmentally aware generation

  • live in a just & equitable society

  • organizations

  • businesses

  • institutions

  • architecture &

       design firms

  • real estate


  • start-ups

  • non-profits

  • individuals


let's start this journey together.


The Everyday Sustainability Environments Program

Organizations and businesses need to transform to be a part of the climate, social justice, and circular solution.

Our current global culture needs to shift in mindset, actions and habits for a well and sustainable future.

The Everyday Sustainable Environments Programs provides this and more. One program for overall sustainability, simplified.

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact Profoundly.

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact Profoundly.

Authentic innovation with purpose and responsibility will lead to a better future. Design Veritas's Innovation Programs provides opportunities for authentic innovation to be at the core of design. We help you consciously innovate and lead  towards a sustainable and just future.


Innovate with Awareness 

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact Profoundly.


Perspectives for Change

We are in this together.

Change and innovation happen with awareness, knowledge and curiosity. Our community of perspectives brings various voices to the table, so we can all learn from each other and grow, as individuals, communities and societies.


We believe we are all interconnected.

So is design.


A conscious culture is based on elevating all people while celebrating nature, innovation and growth. 


 a new mindset, a new design process, a new approach

transforming culture for a sustainable future

We envision a culture where

sustainability | responsibility | wellbeing | purpose | potential

are the norm. 

We envision a culture where we can

Slow down, tread lightly, design consciously & impact profoundly.

We believe in the Power of Design.