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 sustainability & wellbeing

designing culture 
to save resources, elevate people & engage society
towards a well and sustainable future. 

 We are a social impact

design strategy consulting firm & creative studio advocating for

human and environmental wellbeing. 


 Our approach focuses on the relationship between the natural environment, the designed environment and the human experience to design culture for the 21st century where resources are valued, innovation is celebrated and people are well. 


why is this needed today? 

The Climate Crisis

Waste & Pollution 

Social InJustice

An Unchartered Digital World

Unhappy & Unwell People


a deliberate and designed culture, organizations and people will 

waste money, waste human potential and miss opportunities for achievement, growth and success.

Carbon & Climate Solutions

Circularity & Zero Waste

Biomimicry & Nature

Equity, Engagement & Collaborations

 Self Awareness, Creativity & Growth

 for accelerated

human & environmental 


we design for a

new conscious culture of

sustainability BASED ON: 

designing today for a better tomorrow

Design Veritas

offers design strategy services and design programs to help accelerate towards a sustainable and well future. Not only do we provide distinct services, we also offer programs and resources  needed to empower organizations, businesses and individuals to empower themselves and their own people for a successful and sustainable future.

Change happens when people are empowered and it is our goal to empower as many people as we can towards a conscious culture for a sustainable future.

  • We provide a platform for creativity and a forum for global ideas to help organizations and individuals plan, design, and innovative towards a sustainable and well future. 


  • The time is now to collectively design for a shift in a global culture that respects the natural environment, values the human journey and celebrates growth, progress and global success.


  • We design culture and everyday environments for conscious organizations, businesses and individuals to lead the way towards a conscious future while supporting business and long term success.


design, awareness & opportunity 

Strategy & Design 

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Designing Culture & Conscious Environments 

We provide core strategy consulting, interior environments consulting  and an innovative everyday sustainable environments design program to help organizations, businesses and individuals accelerate on the sustainability and wellbeing path.

With these services and specific design programs, we are creating an opportunity for organizations, employees, stakeholders and individuals to be a part of the solution for a sustainable, innovative & well future.

We design 'beyond the four walls' to align an organization's foundation to its people, resources, designed spaces and future goals. We define this as designing culture. 


Today, it is critical to focus on embedding sustainability and wellbeing into an organization's foundation. The benefits are significant with resource efficiency, cost savings and empowered people.

Father and Daughter




An innovative approach developing a strong foundation of sustainabiliy, wellbeing and innovation before any design process or new endeavor.



A Conscious Master Plan focused on addressing the climate crisis with energy efficiency and zero/low waste solutions, resource use efficiency and a conscious mindset for the everyday organization and business environment. We use behavioral and design psychology; simplified solutions and spaces; and programs and graphics to implement and create a culture and experience of sustainable responsibility.

conscious culture &

the designed  environment 

We help develop and implement  a masterplan to address sustainability, wellbeing and innovation in the interior everyday environment and everyday experience through designed vignettes, programs and local/global opportunities. This creates more than just conscious culture but solidifies an organization, business or individual's commitment towards a equitable, sustainable and well future.


Design and strategy consulting on creating a conscious home environment, lifestyle and mindset. Ideal for homeowners, developers and luxury development. 


These design programs are ideal for businesses, organizations, learning institutions, developers and non-profits who would like to transform their core foundation mission to be relevant, to address global issues of today while focusing on people wellbeing and responsible sustainability as part of their business growth model. They understand a human centered foundation with purpose is key to attracting and retaining talent, customers and clients, allowing an opportunity for all to be a part of the global solution towards betterment and success. They understand this investment of resources and time is instrumental in preparing and leading for an ever-changing future of innovation, wellbeing and responsible sustainability. 

everyday sustainable 




Ideal for Learning Institutions.

everyday sustainable 




Ideal for Corporate and Work Environments.

everyday sustainable 




Ideal for Residential Developers and Individuals striving for a Conscious and Responsible Lifestyle.

everyday sustainable 




Ideal for organizations helping others while having support towards their conscious transformation for wellbeing and resource savings.

Creating Impact 

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Creating Impact through


Created Impact is a Design Veritas Initiative with a mission to empower and provide opportunities for creating positive impact towards a more conscious future through collaborations, resources and conscious creativity. 

We believe the creative energy of individuals will lead to greater innovation, a better future and a sustainable world. 


We partner with organizations, educational institutions, non-profits and connect with community partners to customize programs to create positive impact.

Created Impact provides opportunity, collaborations and resources for individuals to find a purpose, challenge their potential and empower themselves to create a more conscious culture and a sustainable 21st century. 

Current project:


Tree Planting

Authentic Creativity

Innovating in the 21st century requires everyone at the table. We offer group brainstorming workshops and individualized  programs that help bring authentic creativity to the forefront while focusing on self awareness and 21st century skills. Authenticity, articulation and self confidence empower people to speak their truth while contributing with design, problem solving and innovation towards a common goal, a larger mission and a conscious culture.

a shift in 


Stripe and Spheres

Bringing Authentic Creativity to the Innovation Table

Innovating in the 21st century requires everyone at the table. We offer group brainstorming workshops and individualized  programs that help bring authentic creativity to the forefront while focusing on self awareness, self mastery and 21st century skills. Authenticity, articulation and self confidence empower people to speak their truth while contributing with design, problem solving and innovation towards a common goal, a larger mission and a conscious culture.

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A Conscious Mindset &

A Global Community  

Image by NASA

A Shift in Mindset, Global Ideas and  for Designing a Relevant & Prosporous Culture in the 21st Century.

Moving forward and innovating in the 21st century requires new perspectives, insights, concepts and experiences to design from. Pulling  from a large global community for their truths allow us all to design culture with a new understanding and awareness. Collectively, we can 

work together towards a better future.

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sustainability | responsibility | wellbeing | purpose | potential

our commitment to the future.

With an ever changing world, a culture shift is imminent. We design a new conscious culture of sustainability and wellbeing with resource efficiency, growth opportunity and a new conscious mindset. We work with individuals, organizations, businesses and design & development industries to help reach sustainability, wellbeing and 2030 goals for a sustainable future.                                                                           


We provide a framework for defining,

designing and implementing Culture through strategic alignment, 

behavioral psychology, authentic creativity and intentional design.  

We design the bridge between:

  • design and experience 

  • an organization and its people

  • traditional values and modern concepts 

  • nature and the built environment 

  • an organization's past goals, present needs and

        future aspirations.

  • planning today and thriving tomorrow.

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'The starting point is not design, the starting point is sustainability.'  

Stella McCartney