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Conscious: Designing Culture 


a new design approach



designing a conscious culture 

for a thriving future.


a new culture,

a new mindset,

a NEW philosophy.


Design Veritas is a social impact and culture change design agency that provides  a human centered approach to design. We believe when people are well and have the resources and opportunities to grow, they become a part of a prosperous circular economy where they can lead meaningful lives. We believe it is time to rethink our current culture. Design Veritas offers strategy and design consulting, innovation and design programs. We offer a community and collaborative of perspectives to help design a conscious culture for a thriving future.


We believe designing culture is an untapped opportunity. 

Culture speaks to values, goals, growth and the human experience. It is the vehicle for transformation, the bridge between design and people and the future. We know design influences culture and culture shapes our experiences, thoughts and motivations. We need a new design approach for social impact and cultural change. 



We bring AWARENESS to design and the design process for cultural change and social impact.

We believe Awareness at the forefront of design is the key to opportunity and prosperity;

  • an awareness of the human plight; of Self and its impact;

  • the awareness of nature and its giving properties and

  • the awareness of opportunity for global innovation. 


We believe in designing a global culture of awareness where we can slow down, tread lightly, live consciously and impact profoundly.



let's start this journey together.


Every project, product, service, business or organization is a product of design. We can create a thriving future by consciously designing change with our decisions, goals and values for a culture we want and envision; a culture where all can lead prosperous, abundant and meaningful lives.


For that, we need a new design process of awareness: one that deconstructs past paradigms,

values human and environmental wellbeing,

offers unconventional perspectives, and provides opportunities and resources for a thriving future.

Declining mental wellbeing,  increasing climate, waste & inequality crises will NOT lead to prosperity.

A new mindset and true leaders will take the first step towards a creating cultural revolution towards a sustainable and well future. 


  • organizations

  • businesses

  • educational institutions

  • architecture &

       design firms

  • real estate


  • start-ups

  • non-profits

  • individuals



  • create a culture of wellbeing

  • ​be a part of the climate solution

  • leave a positive legacy for future generations


  • save resources & be cost effective 

  • cater to a socially & environmentally aware generation

  • live in a just & equitable society





Be a part of the Solution.

The Everyday Design Program helps any organization or business develop an everyday conscious culture of wellbeing, sustainability

and equality through design, innovation and community. 

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact Profoundly.





Conscious innovation with purpose and responsibility will lead to a better future. Design Veritas's Innovation Programs provide opportunities for innovation to be at the core of design.

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact Profoundly.



We are in this together.

Change and innovation happen with awareness, knowledge and curiosity. Our community of perspectives brings various voices to the table, so we can all learn from each other and grow, as individuals, communities and societies.


We believe we are all interconnected.

So is design.

Slow down. Tread lightly. Design consciously. Impact Profoundly.


A conscious culture is based on elevating all people while celebrating nature, innovation and growth. 


 a new mindset, a new design process, a new approach

transforming culture for a thriving future

We envision a culture where

sustainability | responsibility | wellbeing | purpose | potential

are the norm. 

We envision a culture where we can

Slow down, tread lightly, design consciously & impact profoundly.

We believe in the Power of Design.