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In an ever-evolving world of today, organizations face unprecedented challenges in ensuring the wellbeing of their employees. Burnout, stress, and mental health issues have become prevalent, impacting productivity and employee engagement. As a result, organizations have recognized the significance of employee wellbeing in driving success. The Design Veritas Philosophy emerges as a guiding light, championing a holistic view of wellbeing and fostering a workplace culture that supports employees in all facets of their lives.

Design Veritas breaks away from traditional norms that compartmentalize personal and professional growth. It advocates for a symbiotic relationship between individual development, the designed environment and organizational success. Encouraging continuous learning and growth, this philosophy fosters a workforce that is innovative, adaptable, and deeply motivated. Organizations can now pave the way for their employees to flourish, drive innovation, and lead their organizations to a prosperous future.

We offer speaking engagements, workshops, consulting and design studios on creating thriving cultures of wellbeing in the corporate, work and business realms.

The Design Veritas Wellbeing Culture Report

Design Veritas offers a transformative approach that redefines the work life journey, creating a culture of wellbeing, innovation and growth. Order this 150 page report for a simple, hands on approach to designing your wellbeing culture. We offer checklists for initiatives , programs and design to help you elevate your organizations. An organization's wellbeing is your advantage in today's unpredictable world. 

Ready for Change?

The Design Veritas Wellbeing Audit

Elevate your organization's success with the Design Veritas Wellbeing Audit—a swift 3 week wellbeing analysis. Our comprehensive approach includes people engagement, theme analysis and a review of practices and policies resulting in a holistic view of current employee wellbeing experience. This audit will position your organization for positive change, becoming your advantage to attract and retain talent while creating space for innovation, growth and success in 2024. Take the first step now.

 $999-$2999 for a limited time.

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