One Simple Program for Everyday Sustainability & Wellbeing in Designed Environments

the EVERYDAY sustainable ENVIRONMENTS program



designing culture for a sustainable future 

social impact design


Organizations, Businesses and Individuals have the opportunity to lead and create significant impact.  We help them achieve this with our everyday sustainable environments program. This program is a checklist to ensure sustainability is embedded and promoted with your organization. People are conscious with their time, effort and money and will make choices now and in the future towards sustainability and a shift in culture.

the program

Everyday Sustainable Environments


research + strategy

At Design Veritas, we research current concepts and innovative ideas to help shape an organization's vision for human and environmental sustainability. We use the Conscious Sustainability Standard as a framework before the designing process.


resourcefulness + efficiency


opportunity + connectivity


empowered + inspired


accountable + sustainable

We provide design, programs and solutions for resources, cost efficiency, waste reduction, and simplified spaces.

Our team provides design of space, programs and brainstorming workshops. These workshops help create opportunities for innovation and connectivity for an organization's growth.

We provide design, programs and innovative ideas for employee wellbeing, creativity, and growth aligned with organization vision.

We celebrate accountability through metrics and goal achievement and purpose driven initiatives. We highlight creativity and innovation and improve company culture, branding and continue the circle of success and vision.


collaborative + purposeful

We develop collaborations with local and global foundations that support the core foundation goals by collaborating talents, passions and purpose to create positive impact for communities.

Organizations & Corporate.

We focus on bringing this program to where people spend most of their time during the day. A conscious organization values its people and the environment while tending to its business needs. They understand an employee's     commitment to the organization's vision and success is ultimately an exchange for an employee's livelihood, growth and wellbeing. Conscious organizations value human and 

environmental sustainability and attract like minded people with their business and buying power. They understand this is what is desired and needed for the future and create a company culture that provides opportunities,   resources and the designed environment to let business, its people and the planet flourish.




Casual Business Meeting

an opportunity for

 mass sustainable impact. with organizations leading, employees  innovating, clients and customers contributing, they all subscribe to future change.


The Everyday Sustainable Environments Program can be a one time design program for the onset of a project or can be a yearly, by-yearly or quarterly service. This is to ensure the design, programs, and initiatives are current and most relevant with the changing organizational landscape and goals. Intentional designed change and current knowledge and concepts also add to the creativity and productivity of an organization. 

Design Veritas offers:

  1. Curated designed environments for sustainability, wellbeing, growth, creativity and innovation.

  2. Sustainability, education and awareness for shared value and innovative opportunities.

  3. Designed programs for wellbeing & innovation.

  4. Current sustainability research, innovations, services and products for growth and strategic collaborations.

  5. Purpose base collaborations with local and global communities and initiatives.

  6. Accountability and measurement programs towards CSR and sustainability goals.

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Everyday Sustainable Environments

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