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1-the authentic creativity DESIGN STUDIO program 

2-graphic art

3-fine art 

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authentic creativity-

Authentic Creativity is a program that helps individuals navigate a new creative process with self awareness at its core.  Authentic Creativity offers a new approach to innovating and problem solving geared to the 21st century with advanced technology, new limitations and new opportunities. We believe everyone offers unique perspectives to problem solving, designing and innovating needed that is needed today to navigate our global society and create a flourishing future for all. By developing the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century, this allows everyone to contribute towards personal, local and global sustainability and wellbeing.


  • What is Creativity? Where Does Creativity Come From?

  • Self Awareness & Creating a Strong Foundation Of Self

  • Critical Skills for a Creative Future: the Art of Thinking, Communicating & Collaborating

  • Inspiration & Mindset: the Power of Awareness, Thinking & Ideas

  • Awareness of Universal Creativity: Nature & The Human Body

  • Awareness of Human Creativity: Great Innovations & Art Forms

  • Curiosity & The Exposure to Everything: Becoming a Polymath

  • De-Constructivism - Ourselves, Ideas & the Past to Move Forward

  • Using the Digital World & Creativity: Moving Forward

  • Social Impact Opportunities

This program can be customized for organizations looking to enrich and motivate their employees toward growth, productivity, wellbeing and innovation. This works closely with HR to ensure employees are working towards their full potential while adding value and are in alignment to the organization's mission and goals. This process can be incorporated into the Everyday Empowered Environments program for designing conscious 'total' environments.

The BENEFITS of The Creative Process Program help individuals prepare and thrive in the 21st century with:

  • Digital E.Q.

  • Creating Space for Creativity

  • Developing a Strong Sense of Self

  • 21st Century Critical Skills

  • Creative Thinking

  • Community Impact & Future Opportunities

graphic studio

We use creativity as a part of the designed environment to bring awareness, wellbeing and innovation into the forefront for people engagement & future empowerment.

Integrated Awareness Design
We use the designed environment as an educational  opportunity towards awareness, sustainability and wellbeing.


The Visual Walls
A part of the Everyday Environments Program, we design the culture wall, the innovation wall and the achievement wall. 


fine art studio

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 2.23.21 PM.png

Art can evoke emotions and contemplation within the human spirit.

It is

significant to provoke  creativity and enrichment in designed environments. 

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Everyday Sustainable Environments

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Created Impact & The Next Generation


Studio & The Visual Walls

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