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The Worth of a Person

What is the worth of a person?

Too often this question is overlooked- in work, in relationships and in society. There is a sense of value and respect that is often missing in almost and everything today. What is the worth of a person? Their dreams, hopes and values-what do they mean? Their talents, skills and where can they take us-as an individual and a society.

As visionary leaders, if we can grasp the concept of the unlimited worth of a person, then surely we can look at leading our employees with a new perspective that honors them first and foremost. The authenticity and understanding that comes with this type of leadership will open doors to aligning the potential of people to the work at hand and vice versa.

Knowing this untapped talent lies within, visionary leaders will spend the time to know their talent, understand their weaknesses and strengths and uncover ways of elevating them to nurture and flourish.

If leaders are looked up to, then true leaders will inspire others to evolve and be elevated. In fact, they have the responsibility to do just that, to help uncover, inspire and lead with conviction that a person’s worth in limitless.

With this in mind, the opportunities that lie before us, as leaders, are limitless.

And it is for this reason that we can take a step back and see our roles through a different lens. Let us keep in mind the worth of a person. How we value and respect them is reflected in how they uncover their talents and motivations to help us lead our organization and reach our individual and organizational goals towards success.

Let us slow down, design consciously and impact profoundly with the worth of a person, their struggles, hopes and dreams as an anchor in the foundation of how we lead and define success.

This is much needed in today’s uncertain and unpredictable times, for the worth of a person will never change and will always be a foundational element towards a successful future.

The worth of a person. Let's contemplate this as we plan ahead.


Slow down. Tread lightly. Live Consciously. Impact Profoundly.

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