Navneet Magon Anand


Navneet Magon Anand is a social impact designer, sustainability design strategist, researcher, author, lecturer and artist with a LEED and architectural background.


  • Adjunct Faculty, WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

    • Arc​hitectural Engineering - Civil Engineering Department

    • Social Sciences and Policy Studies Department

  • MBA in Sustainability and Green Building.

  • Past President of the American Institute of Architects- Central Massachusetts Chapter - Board Member and currently Chair of the Sustainability Committee.

  • Graduate of McGill University's School of Architecture, Montreal, CAN

  • A speaker on the TEDx platform in 2016 with the talk titled: 'We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture.'

  • Created Impact, Founder. A mission based arm of Design Veritas promoting a new approach to creative thinking while empowering solutions through creativity for a better future and world.

  • Developed The Conscious Design Model, a conscious methodology to designing spaces for full human potential, wellness and sustainability into designed environments.​​

  • Developed The Conscious Sustainability Standard, a future forward, innovative approach for designing products, programs, masterplans and environments.

  • Developed Everyday Sustainable Environments, a design program for an overall sustainability culture within an organization. 

  • Author of 'Conscious Art, Design & Inspiration: Creating Change.'

  • Art Collection exhibited in Boston and Toronto

Navneet Magon Anand
Social Design Researcher,
Sustainability Design Strategist, 
Designer, Artist & Author

We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture 

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