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Navneet Magon Anand


Navneet Magon Anand is a social impact designer, sustainability design strategist, researcher, author, lecturer and artist with a LEED and architectural background.


  • Adjunct Faculty, Design Studio WPI - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA

    • Arc​hitectural Engineering - Civil Engineering Department

    • Social Sciences and Policy Studies Department

  • MBA in Sustainability and Green Building.

  • Past President of the American Institute of Architects- Central Massachusetts Chapter - Board Member and currently Chair of the Sustainability Committee.

  • Graduate of McGill University's School of Architecture, Montreal, CAN

  • A speaker on the TEDx platform in 2016 with the talk titled: 'We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture.'

  • Created Impact, Founder. A mission based arm of Design Veritas promoting a new approach to creative thinking while empowering solutions through creativity for a better future and world.

  • Developed The Conscious Design Model, a conscious methodology to designing spaces for full human potential, wellness and sustainability into designed environments.​​

  • Developed The Conscious Sustainability Standard, a future forward, innovative approach for designing products, programs, masterplans and environments.

  • Developed Everyday Sustainable Environments, a design program for an overall sustainability culture within an organization. 

  • Author of 'Conscious Art, Design & Inspiration: Creating Change.'

  • Art Collection exhibited in Boston and Toronto

Navneet Magon Anand
Social Design Researcher,
Sustainability Design Strategist, 
Designer, Artist & Author

TEDx Platform: We Are Creators: Designing a New Conscious Culture 

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Art Exhibit - Conscious Art - Toronto, Canada

This was my first exhibition in collaboration with another artist (Navneet Anand) who also paints with very similar themes. Under the direction of Asma Mahmood, who is the lovely owner of the Promenade Gallery, things went extremely well. A learning experience for both of us. Thanks to  friends, family and all other visitors who made a special effort to be at the opening. A special thanks to the Mayor of Mississauga for opening the exhibition and a spectacular performance by Onkar Singh on the next night.

Fine Art Exhibit  - "Along the Way' 

Promenade Gallery, Toronto Canada

featuring "The Art of Conscious Living'