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culture change & conscious impact design

let's start this journey

a new message. A new mindset. A new culture. 


redesign projects for impact.


Design Studio Intensives allows organizations and educational institutions to delve deep into projects through a conscious lens of circularity, wellbeing and innovation. We help teams go through a deep analysis by deconstructing concepts, theories and perspectives to help projects become relevant and impactful and help designers achieve an authentic approach to the design process. We use Design Veritas's Conscious Sustainability Standard to design projects and help modernize the design process that will lead us to projects of impact and towards a conscious, well and sustainable future. Join us as we navigate the ever-changing business landscape and shape a thriving future. 

Next Generation
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We envision a culture where

sustainability | responsibility | wellbeing | purpose | potential

are the combined to create the next generation of businesses and organizations.

We envision a culture where we can 

Slow down, tread lightly, design consciously & impact profoundly.

We believe in the Power of Design.

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