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The Book, 'Conscious Art, Design and Inspiration...Creating Change' is a collection of poetic verse and paintings that explore the notion that we are creating our everyday with our thoughts, actions and beliefs. Being conscious of what we surround ourselves with and to the world around us is a journey in itself and then, that of the world within us. 

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The Dance of Life

And so begins this journey, this dance of life.

An Inner quest for Zen is really this dance of life.


A true notion of Zen is not just a calm. It is a calmness with the awe of everyday of life - the duality and tension of modern day, the pull and push of society, the cities, buildings, and the people - this is all a wonderful play of Life and this motion is the wonderful Dance of Life - with ALL its beauty and vibrancy. To achieve this state of Zen, one must face this dance at times, one must turn its back at times and one must live in the midst - all while achieving their own state of 'Zen'.

zen: a state of calm attentiveness in which one's actions are guided by intuition rather than conscious effort. Merriam Webster Dictionary                                                                                                                                

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The Thrill: NYC

Achieving zen is not just on the mountaintops.

It can be found everywhere and in everything.

The calmness of the waterfront.

The hustle and bustle of city life.

Being aligned is feeling Zen.

Being aligned is feeling Alive.

Feeling Alive is stirring your soul.

Stirring your soul is True living.

What stirs your soul?

What makes you thrive?


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The Flow of Life

The secret of Life- what mystery does it hold?

The same secret is in Water, Infinity and Within.

Water is the flow,

Life is the transition.

Infinity is no beginning, no end.

That is the secret of Life, and the secret Within: flow, transition, no beginning, no end. 

Perfect Chaos

First came nature and water, then came buildings and people. This is the world we live in. Chaos is our world. Some live in it, some do not. Those who do not have found the secret. And the secret is to be found in this world we live in. Perfect Chaos. 

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Within in a Leaf

Have you ever noticed a leaf?

It is the movement of life within.

The hustle and bustle of nature itself.

Growth and the Cycle... within there lies an iota of our life. 

The Eye Does Not See

We think we see but we don't.

The fence of fine lines is what holds us back.

The fence of fine lines is only our thinking.

We do not see.

Perception and Reality are through our own eyes.

Do we really see?


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In Full Bloom

Ahhh...What does it feel like to be alive?

To be in full bloom?

You living your best life - blossoming forth.

The Seed is in you.

Raise your arms in Victory-

That is Full Bloom. 

Where the Heavens Meet

The heavens meet at the crossroads of all life.

Where Nature, Man, and the Universe within must stop and meet.

There is a point where all three meet.

That is the the point where the Heavens meet.


The Buddha Within

And this quest for a state of zen continues.

From the world, to ourselves, to nature.

It is all one and it is all the same. 

To know this, to experience this, is to become Aware of Ourselves.

And to become Aware of Ourselves is to become aware of our lives.

To awaken, to blossom, to be thankful.

'Going Within' is finding our connection to Our Soul-The Buddha Within'

And the journey continues...

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the art book

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Art and design can change your world,

it can enrich you, it can move you.

it can change you...

surround yourself with what makes you thrive:

transforming your spaces with a new awareness will transform you.

Designed spaces are the backdrop to creating your life's journey:

from making connections to creating experiences.

Consciously thinking of our needs and habits,

constantly transforming our spaces and ourselves,

consciously creating our visual world:

Results in a life worth living...with all its vibrancy, tranquility and glory.

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The Book, 'Conscious Art, Design and Inspiration... is not only a collection of philosophical art work and verse, but also a conscious notion of how our designed spaces affect us and how we can design them to nurture ourselves and grow on this journey.

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photo credit: Rajesh Tekchandani

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$25 USD


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$75-150 USD

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a time to go within

This journey is a reflective one. For me, I discovered the awe of nature and the warmth of humanity while working on this collection and the book. It pulled at my heartstrings to further bring what stirs my soul into my everyday world.


To help those less fortunate has been important to me and we see that is greatly needed today. 

Please contact me if you would like to purchase an art book (a few sample pages above) or a customized print of the paintings and its accompanying poetic verse from this collection. 

Otherwise, I hope you have enjoyed a partial glimpse of this collection and that it has brought you peace, wonder and introspection.

*Previous Art Work Donations have gone to help victims of Hurricane Sandy; Breast Cancer Victims & Campaigns; and to raise funds for L'Ecole des Enfants, a new Waldorf school in an underprivileged village in the Ivory Coast, Africa.


The Art Book and Customized Prints are available for purchase and net proceeds will go towards America's Food Fund.In these uncertain times, many need our help. As you uplift yourself with these inspiring prints or book, you will be supporting others who are in need too during challenging times!                                               

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with gratitude

I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on this collection and your own journey of reflection. As we are learning: we are in this together and we are here for each other.

Sharing life's simple pleasures are multiplied when we can share it with others. xx NMA

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